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"Pulse Balanta"  watercolor  18" x 24""Still Standing" watercolor  24" x 18""Balanta Beauty" watercolor  24" x 18""Life Celebration"  watercolor  18" x 24""Djembe Junior"  watercolor  24" x 18""Mirror to Thee"   watercolor  24" x 18" 1st Place COWS Spring 2013 show "Keepers"   watercolor  18" x 24""Drum en Femme"   watercolor  24" x 18""What She Said"  watercolor  24" x 18""Unspeakable Joy"   watercolor  18" x 24""Silent Strength"   watercolor  24" x 18""Hidden Strength"   watercolor  24" x 18""Balanta Swirl"   watercolor  18" x 24""Sincerely"  watercolor  22" x 16"  "Baobab Beginnings"   watercolor  24" x 18""Legend"   watercolor  24" x 18""Diola Harvest"   watercolor  24" x 18""Kotebah"   watercolor  18" x 24""Village Mother"    watercolor  22" x 16""Legacy Carrier"   watercolor  24" x 18""Life Carrier"   watercolor  24" x 18"ElegancePresenting....Grand ViewGolden HopeTake FlightAngelsWatchful WarriorRaptureJubilationMadonna & ChildLendiene SocialRhythm SwayPetite BeatLiftedRegalMy Blue HueRejoiceGriotDrummer's JoyElder in BlueRhythm KeeperApplauseAscension"The Offering" 1st place COWS Fall 2013 showFollow our LeadSankofaCelebration ObliqueHigh PraiseProtegeCelebration RoundLendiene SocialDjina"Reflections in Blue" 1st Place COWS Spring 2014 Show
West African Dance Series - Thiossane
Suzanne Accetta
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"My drawing board vibrated as I brushed a wet stoke indicating a Bao Bao tree.  My brush trembled in my fingers, not only from the rhythms of the drums but the from the  passion and artistry I was witnessing.  I was given the gift and privilege  to experience the legend of the African drum and dance. A smile grew and my eyes swam with tears as the dancers leapt with feeling and joy.  Art, music and dance swelled and became one. Never in my career have I felt more love, respect and appreciation as a painter.  Never have I been more excited about painting." Suzanne