Award Winner!
Thank you 
Dr. Christopher Purdy 
& Dr. Melanie Corn, 
jurors of the 
"Site of Music" 
exhibition at the 
Columbus Cultural Arts Center. 
1st Place in the Central Ohio Watercolor Society Spring Show, 2016

     "The 1st Place watercolor in short, is a masterwork! It combines solid design, sensitive use of value and color, and virtuosity of technique. It epitomizes the best attributes of water media."

Juror, Chris Leeper
Suzanne's upcoming SHOWS & CLASSES

Ongoing Watercolor Class
Columbus Cultural Arts Center
Saturdays 9 am to noon
"One-woman show highlights members of West African dance troupe"
Columbus Dispatch 
Suzanne Accetta
1st Place Award Winner!
Central Ohio Watercolor Society
2018 Annual Spring Show
Thank you juror  Bill Vrscak
Accepted painting 
Watercolor West 
International Show

Accepted painting in 
Watercolor USA

3rd Place Award 
S. Carolina Watermedia
National Exhibition

Accepted painting in 
Ohio Watercolor Society

Accepted painting in 
Society of Watercolor Artists

Accepted painting 
North East Watercolor Society International Show

Award Winner!
Kentucky Aqueous
National Exhibition

Thank you juror
Laurie Goldstein-Warren