"The Offering"

1st Place COWS 2013 Fall Show
2014 Adirondacks National Exhibition
of American Watercolors
Old Forge, NY
"Reflections in Blue"
1st Place COWS Spring Show 2014

"Another large figure painting, "Reflections in Blue" by Suzanne Accetta, works differently on its viewers. The single figure is shown in a moment of transport, and the soft and nearly smoky image carries us along into this ephemeral moment."
Carol Griffith
Professor of Fine Art
Columbus College of Art & Design
February 28, 2014

“African Rhythms in Paint, Act 2” look like they could leap off the wall
From the May 9, 2013 edition COLUMBUS ALIVE

"Rhythms in Paint – Artist Suzanne Accetta’s passion for theatrical art"
from examiner.com

"Dance troupe inspires painter" from The Columbus Dispatch
"Mirror to Thee"
1st Place COWS 2013 Spring Show
National Watermedia Oklahoma, 2013 
Juror, Chris Leeper wrote;
"This painting works on many levels. Technically, it is practically flawless.  It is beautifully designed with interesting positive/negative shapes and great movement. The use of color is strong.  Notice the unusual but effective use of non-local color on the skin tones.  Finally is the image itself.  There is a sense of joy portrayed by the subject and sense of joy that the viewer feels that is generated by the artist and their investment in the subject.  This is a memorable painting."

Suzanne Accetta
awards & press

"Ballet Kakilambe, Abundance, Blessings"

2nd Place COWS 2015 Fall Show


"Guest Artist"

1st Place COWS 2014 Fall Show