“All those who love fine drawing will find much to please them in the exquisite pencil drawing and watercolors by Suzanne Accetta. She has a sure but delicate touch that is altogether pleasing. Her watercolors have a draftsman skills and a splendid vibrancy. Suzanne’s work is rich in color and painterly in execution.”  by Clara Hieronymus, The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee

“Accetta is a keen student of faces and anatomy.  As a result her shows great empathy for her subjects.”
By Calvin J. Goodman, American Artist Magazine

“Suzanne Accetta may be one of Clintonville’s finest treasures.  She sees grace in every painting she creates.  She is recognized for her emphasis on character, expression and feeling.”  by Karla Lamka, ThisWeek

“Most simple, yet quite daring, is Suzanne Accetta’s Samantha.  The portrait of a young woman is pushed totally off-center, leaving most of the image surface to the luminous whiteness of the paper.  This compositional arrangement endows the sitter with a assertiveness while creating a mood of great serenity.” by Jacqueline Hall, Columbus Dispatch

“Suzanne Accetta’s Metamorphosis is intriguing in its compositional use of empty space.  Moreover, the work is vigorously executed.”  by Jacqueline Hall, Columbus Dispatch
Suzanne Accetta